Millwall v PDFC – 15th January 2011


We lost 8-0, it was only 1-0 at half time. The game was played in windy conditions and we played aganst the slope first half but were up against it for nearly all the half with Millwall enjoying most of the posession and all of the chances. Apart from some good saves by James it could have been a few more. It was one of those games where if Millwall didnt win the first ball, they won the second one instead.

Second half, we though we would play better, but we didnt and we were worse. Millwall dominated the game even more and we werent at the races at all. Millwall had some good players (perhaps half of them were different from the ones we lost at home to) and they took advantage of there big squad to stretch the game towards the end and bury a few more. James had no chance on any of the goals, which were either scored by some good Millwall play – or mistakes from us. More of less anything we tried didnt really work, with players swapping positions to try and stem the flow of goals and improve our performance, but with little effect on the game.

I think we had 1 decent shot at goal, and one corner – both second half.

For whatever reason, it never worked out at all today. As a team, we had a bit of a shocker really, think we were all stunned by the performance as we had a good squad out on paper.

Both teams observed the minutes silence with sincerity. Millwall were grateful to play us (scoreline aside) as no one has played them on their own turf for 2 years.

Lets look forward to next weeks game instead at home v Bury and a better performance, and hopefully a better result !

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